“Like a filmmaker in search of his dream location, my drawing pursuits always start with a wayfaring stroll. I choose a point of view which comes closest to my desire for a landscape where small and large, close-up and wide-angle, detail and entirety, all enter into one large, dynamic relationship.

The routes traced by the flyovers symbolize the seemingly random, perhaps improbable, connections made by an artist between the elements present in the perceivable landscape. I like the aerial passages that physically connect disjointed spaces separated by a railway line or other traffic routes. I return to the same spot daily and draw a different fragment of the space around me each day, working towards a larger whole. The work proliferates, entangles, dislocates, explodes, and overflows from the edges. Subject to the intervals of time and the varying scavenged surfaces and elements, it creates its own shape and congruities in an open space, like a plasma.’’

Mahipalpur II (small, pieces resurrected II). 2015. Charcoal, Pastel and chalk on paper, cardboard and wood. 170 x 410 cm.

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